FAQ 1: What do [you] black people want?

Edited by M.D.C.Bowen
last updated March, 2001




1. Black people want everything worth having, and the other things too. We want to have it as black people, but only when we say so. We will do anything it takes to get it, and anything else we feel like doing whether or not that's useful. You can't figure out our reasons unless we tell you, and if we don't feel like telling you, so what? And if you guess, so what?

2. Black people want to be invisible, except when we don't.

3. Black people want to be called African Americans, so forget everything you've heard about 'black people'.

4. African Americans want to be black, except on those occasions we feel like that's not necessary.

5. Black people want to be treated, most of the time, as follows.


All of the above is subject to change without notice, some restrictions apply, participating blacks only, your mileage may vary, see individual blacks for details and specifics, void where prohibited, you must be 18 or older to play.