the subtitle is lott

nytimes says fire him

tpm has juicy details

lovers vs fighters

material breach


cross in mouth disease

well trent lott has gone and done it. he thought he could apologize his way out of the paper bag which is the prison of racial politics. apparently, he's no jesse helms. which is too bad. political racists, like everybody else these days in washington, are shadows of their former hardball selves.

bill quotes hillary in calling washington d.c. an 'evidence-free zone'. it is clearly that kind of rhetoric which pervades lott's attempt at being above the fray. but when it comes to the vagaries of race, people actually prefer there to be black and white rules.

lott's an easy target. is he racist? probably? can i prove it? probably not. but that's no longer the question. is he anti-racist enough? clearly not. his downfall will be credited to the power of the black vote. that's a joke but it's still blacks that are the ones quoted as the reason why. truth be told, we have other fish to fry, but it's still nice to get credit for being the consciousness of america. we're not it, we just started the fire.

the fact is, everybody is vaguely sensitive enough, if not disciplined and precise enough to be a decent arbiter of racial politics. i hope lott doesn't make it, but i tell you it's difficult living in the future when your traditional enemies are so pathetic and weak that even the colorblind can toss bombs.

arabs, by the way, are not being lynched. more on that later.