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the problem with blogging

is that it's so shamelessly self-indulgent. i wasn't going to do it, except that some people to whom i've been writing for a couple years said that it would be a shame if i didn't go public. so i have been shamed into shamelessness with the expectation of fame. i have the redliculous burden of doing something to make myself and my writing famous. i need a hook. argh. i don't even like writing about that.

on the other hand, working a type of writing into blogstyle, which i find an interesting challenge, gives this burden some levity. what i'm going to do is serially weave, which means i'll be doing what spike lee doesn't - completing controversies from previous episodes. it forces readers to be serially attentive, but then again, i suppose that's what blog readers are like.

the osama bin laden tape is real, again. osama has no shame, but he's not exactly blogging. it's more like he's delivering a state of the anarchy address. this is the one case in which the out-party reply would be more gripping. even dick gephart could do that.

now dig this on intifada deaths. don't you just love charts? according to the numbers here, we are at approximately 2,400 deaths. not quite a full lynch factor.

if you listen to the news every day like i do, listening to these crips and bloods duke it out becomes extremely annoying. but if the intifada has been going on since '68 why is there no resolution? probably because, like lynching, we just get sick of hearing about it. f' 'em. let them all kill each other off. of course that would probably take 150 years at this rate. that's a lot of serial reading has got that kind of attention span.