michael david cobb bowen 



dad. architect. writer. entrepreneur.



If you are reading this, I have probably piqued your interest from one directon or another. My aim is to be as civilized as possible and I am grateful for your patience.

First and foremost I am only bold because I believe that ethics require courage. I do have a big ego, but I do very little for personal gain. I am completely unafraid about being incorrect. So if I appear to be an arrogant fool, understand that I believe that nothing is solved in moments, and individuals through their character alone, without institutional aid, are incapable of maintaining that which is civilized about civilization. I will circle back again and be in constant and continuous communication with the subjects of my interest. I expect no shortcuts. Truly brilliant insights come thrice a lifetime. They will be what they will be. So if I provoke rather than impress, understand that I expect to be corrected by people who know better, and dismissed by people focused only on personalities. If you know better than I, tell me. I will read the books. In the meantime, I am happy to be passionately wrong. I always want to understand all angles of failure and success.

I am on a continuous journey of learning and service. I strongly believe in agility. I am resetting myself into the context of the new industrial society of 'gearheads, hackers and makers' which is in the processes of improving traditions in business. I am an evolving Stoic, motivated to be anti-fragile under conditions of dislocating change.


social interests

  • Literature
  • Motorsports
  • Fine Dining
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • I will friend anyone on Facebook.
  • I will connect at LinkedIn about 75% of the time if you are not a recruiter.
  • I will engage my most heartfelt and well-considered thoughts at length on the blog at Cobb in response to comments.
  • I still contribute at Cubegeek, but I remain mostly proprietary about my business activity.
  • Very little of the material at mdcbowen.org, outside of this, is directly relevant to what I'm thinking today.
  • Outside of the above, I am on the net as 'sixoseven' which is my gamertag on XBox Live.
  • I am always up for drinks and conversation in and around Los Angeles.

michael bowen - winter 2016